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Russian Alternative: The Fantasy Furious Orc Girls Reviewed!

This time we will take a look at the Fantasy Furious Orc Girls by Russian Alternative. Their main goal is to supply alternative miniatures for existing tabletop wargames which are of better quality and better priced. So lets take a closer look!

The box

As always we will first take a look at the delivery and the packaging of the miniatures. The orc girls along with some more miniatures came packed in a sturdy cartonboard box further packed with extra padding making sure the boxes could not move in the container. If that wasn't enough each set of minitaures is packed in a nicely decorated cartonboard container padded with two sheet of foam and a small leaflet stating who packed the order. I have added some pictures of the cartonboard box and the content when opening the box. I would surely recommend this company as the miniatures were shipped for free from Russia and arrived in pristine condition within a week and a half in Belgium!

The furious orc girls boxed set contains three heroic sized 28mm white metal miniatures with their appropriate plastic square bases which are the norm in a certain well-known fantasy wargame. The miniatures come in four pieces each as both hands and the heads are supplied separated from the body. These separate hands and heads are casted on small metal sprues for casting purposes but also make it also ensure no bits are lost during packaging or on your workbench. 

I have added a picture of the content as you can see three different body variants in a variation of poses and the two sprues as stated above. The weapon sprue contains six different prehistoric weapons: a stone knife, aztec like battle club, a bone club, a bone pick axe like weapon and some sort of double bladed bone knife. The head sprue contains three different heads. As you can see these miniatures are similar to the savage orcs released by Games Workshop and could easily be used along side their male counterparts. The detail of these miniature is very fine and I would happily field these as a small savage orc warband looking for some unlucky travellers.

The assembly

The assembly of these miniatures wasn't very difficult as most parts fit well. Although like most metal cast miniatures you have to remove some mouldlines and casting marks which were most noticable on the shoulders of the bodies. I had some issues with glueing these together as my superglue wasn't performing as well due to bad storage. But when I used a new tube, the miniatures were assembled within minutes. I have added some pictures of the assembled miniatures.

Scale comparison

I have mentionned that these miniatures are heroic sized 28mm and could be used alongside many heroic sized orcs available on the market. To make sure you know what you buy, I have added a couple of comparison pictures from different manufacturers although I haven't found many heroic sized orcs in my lead collection.

Russian Alternative Orc Girl - Games Workshop Male Orc

Russian Alternative Orc Girl - Games Workshop Goblin and Catachan

Russian Alternative Orc Girl and Chaos Dwarf - Games Workshop Radagast

The conclusion

I would happily recommend these miniatures to enlarge your existing fantasy orc army or start a nice orc skirmish warband. These miniatures are of great quality and the experienced service by the team over at Russian Alternative was both swift and with eye for detail. You can buy these miniatures along more great miniatures over at Russian Alternative for around €17.50 and with free shipping at their ebay approved webshop. Make sure to follow and bookmark Wargame News and Terrain as a Chaos Dwarf review will be published soon.

Disclaimer - We received these miniatures from Russian Alternative for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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