Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trizub Miniatures: Alpha. SBU Special Forces Reviewed!

This is the first review of a cooperation between Miniatures.Ru and Wargames News and Terrain regarding the partial sharing of reviews. This way I can also offer you some insides in the many great wargame companies in Russia and Eastern-Europe. As these reviews were originally made by the kind lads over at Miniatures.Ru I cannot answer questions regarding the miniatures but surely if you pop over at Miniatures.Ru, they will gladly help you out.

So today we will take a look at the excellent Alpha. SBU Special Forces of Trizub Miniatures. Trizub Miniatures has currently two ranges of miniatures namely 17th century Cossacks, Moscovites and Tartars but also has a growing range of modern miniatures including special forces and terrorists. During this review we will take a look at the modern miniatures of the Alpha. SBU Special Forces. Trizub Miniatures currently produces miniatures in metal and resin but will in the near future only produce fully assembled metal miniatures.

The box

The miniatures come packed in a sturdy cartonboard box decorated with some nice traditionnal artwork. On the back of the box you can see the details such as the box content and pictures of the painted miniatures. The miniatures are further packed in a plastic container followed by a ziplock bag.

The miniatures

The box contains the following four non-heroic metal 28mm special force miniatures each in a dynamic pose with one equipped with a protective shield while the others are armed with machineguns. The flash on the miniatures is minimal and do not need much more work than some basic cleaning. note that the bases aren't included.

Scale comparison

Below you can see the Trizub Miniatures compared with a heroic scaled Warhammer 40K miniatures to give you a scale impression of these non-heroic 28mm miniatures. In the second pictures you can see the miniature compared with a Wicked miniature sculpted by Brother Vinni's.

The conclusion

As you can see the miniatures from Trizub Miniatures are of great quality when we look at the packaging and finish of the miniatures. So we can surely recommend these miniatures for the people looking for some new modern swat miniatures. The miniatures are sold for €9.81 for the four miniatures and can be bought from Trizub Miniatures direct.

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