Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CP Models: Scifi Avian Squad Reviewed!

I have just finished these miniatures so it's time for another review! This time we will take a look at the splendid and huge Avians released by CP Models as part of their evergrowing 28mm science fiction range. When I received these miniatures I was amazed by the unusual poses of the miniatures in a positive way and the bulkiness of these creatured compared to regular heroic sized humans. Interested in these miniatures, please read on.

The miniatures

The Avian miniatures arrived in separate ziplock bags each containing a single Avian body, head and plastic base. The Avian squad contains four regular troops armed with futuristic rifles and an officer armed with a futuristic sword. I would mark these miniatures as heroic 28mm but these can also be used with regular 28mm miniatures as they depict an alien race and are therefore not bound to specific dimensions. The miniatures are made out of white metal and were received with minor flash around the beaks and necks. I have taken some pictures of the miniatures before I decided to assemble them.

The assembly

The following step was assembling these great creatures. Although here I stumbled upon some issues due some flash on the pins that would fit into the bodies and the weak pins. When I received the miniatures one pin had already broken of the separate heads and another one snapped during construction, this was one of the reasons why it took me a while to write this review.

But nothing to worry about if you posses the right tools such as drill bits to pin the neck in place. Yet, another issue arises I don't posses small drill bits so I decided to attach the heads with broken pins with green stuff and superglue and it worked great. In fact it worked so great that I have attached all the heads with green stuff followed by some superglue. In the following pictures you can see the assembled miniatures with some extra green stuff around the necks as described above.

The scale comparison

As previously mentionned these Avians are really big so I have added ths scale comparison with some other science fiction miniatures.

CP Models Avian - GW Catachan - Kallistra Gangster - EM4 Copper

The conclusion

As you can see these miniatures are really unusual and great for every science fiction that includes aliens. Although the construction takes some time, these miniatures are really worth the money as they are huge and quite bulky. The price for these miniatures as singles is £1.80 while a squad of five costs £8.00 saving you one full pound. Interested in adding these to your ecclectic collection, visit the CP Models webstore.

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