Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sally 4th: Warchest Storage Box Reviewed!

It has been a while so here's a new review! The kind lads over at Sally 4th have send me one of their useful wooden lasercut storage boxes called Warchests. Really interested in how easy the construction will turn out? Read on as the Warchest can turn out to be very useful when storing your miniatures or paints in a neat and tidy way and they are even stackable!

The box

The Warchest building set came packed in a ziplock bag with attached manual for easy construction. The set was send in a a padded enveloppe making sure that everything arrived in good shape so no broken or cracked pieces! So the set arrived in great condition, up to the content and construction!

The Warchest I received was 70mm high and has an inlay for a massive 48 GW slottabase miniatures! The entire set consists out of 13 lasercut MDF parts that includes the pieces of the box, lid and the inlay. The parts were all well-lasered but the only complain I had was when I tested the inlay with a slottabase it got stucked in the inlay as the fit was really tight and the used base wasn't even painted and varnished.

Picture of the GW base inlay. Many other inlays are available from Sally 4th.

Pictures of the 70mm box sides and the box support parts

Pictures of the bottom part of the box and pieces of the lid

Pictures of the lid parts

The assembly

As said the set came with a great illustrated manual fully explaining the construction of the box and lid. This manual really made the construction straightforward and the only thing you need is some time and woodglue! 

For the cosntruction I first began with the actual box which is easy to construct as everything fits well and can be easily assembled using woodglue. After I had assembled the box, I constructed the lid which took a little longer as the parts fitted tighter. Then I glued the inlay into the box and attached the support beams (make sure to glue in the inlay before you glue in the box support beams!)

The conclusion

If everything went well in the construction phase your Warchest should look as the one shown in the picture! I really like the look of the finished Warchest and I'm looking forward in filling it with my freshly painted Science Fiction rebel force. As you can see from the pictures the lid can also be used as a tray to move your troops to the table or use to throw dices and store your reinforcements or casualties. As previously mentionned this Warchest is only one of the variants that's available from Sally 4th and you can find a lot more variants on their website or ask for a custom made one! I'm surely convinced of the advantages of these storage boxes and when needing more storage boxes I will certainly consider Sally 4th as a very good source for fullfilling my storage needs. 

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