Saturday, January 26, 2013

Offensive Miniatures: Near Future Snatch Team

Hi, today I will make a short review on the newest release of Offensive Miniatures, the second snatch team for their more than excellent Near Future range. This nice and unusual range contains figures reflecting the face of modern confrontation and that of the "Near Future". Their first release for this expanding range were 24 unique figures, including ruthless terrorists, SWAT teams and poor unfortunate hostages. They also made available a couple of tasty freebies to add to the range - as part of their special offers. Also in this range the Rioting Mob and the Law release - including mounted Police and a variety of rioters armed with an assortment of "street" tools.

The content

The Offensive Miniatures blister with the newest snatch team for their Near Future range came as always in a sturdy blister with the miniatures packaged in ziplock bag making sure none of the small bits goes missing when the blister cracks during the sometimes handling in the post offices across the world. The blister contains enough parts and even some spare to allow you to construct a seven men snatch team and one caught rioter which has been snatched form the crowd. These riot police miniatures can be equipped with either tear gass grenades (2) or the trusty baton (3). This blister retails for £12.00 which is an excellent value for the number of unusual miniatures and quality you recieve.

The miniatures

As said the blister contains eight miniatures. Of which seven are police officers armed with a variety of weapons such as shotguns, teargass grenades, riot shields and batons. As said some miniatures can be equipped with different sorts of weaponry as they come with seperate arms so you can choose to equip them with either teargass grenades or batons. In the blister you have the choice between 2 arms with teargass grenades and three arms holding batons. Some miniatures come single casted with either weapons or unarmed such as the the "snatchers capturing the rioter" and the shotgun carrying riot police officer. And what would a snatch team be without a proper rioter to caught and therefor the blister also contains an excellent sculpt of a caught rioter which is my personal favorite of the bunch. As you can see the larger base with snatch team in action is just a nice touch on the urban battlefield and I looking forward in using these fine and highly detailled miniatures in a riot game or even a zombie outbreak game! Please mentionned that the miniatures don't come based as shown as I have already based them on the excellent and cheap Warbases wooden bases of which you can see a short review here.

Scale comparison

I have also added a small scale comparison with some other modern miniatures from other well-known companies such as The Assault Group (left) and Wargames Foundry (right) And as you can see the miniatures fit perfectly!


Excellent and highly detailled miniatures for an unusual wargame setting at good prices, so I can only recommend them to you te be used on your tabletop fighting of rioters or zombies!  These miniatures are now available for £12.00 a blister and while you're there also take a look at the other excellent miniatures and ranges. Cheers!

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