Friday, April 6, 2012

Wargames Factory: Orc Warband Reviewed Part Two

Hi, Here's the second part of the original review of the Wargames Factory Orc Warband as I have promised. First of all I have taken a picture of the shabby artwork on the box. The guys at Wargames Factory should really have spend some more time and funds in the creation of an attractive packaging for these nicely detailled wargame miniatures especially as these miniatures deserve way better packaging compared to their older releases.

Secondly I have included a useful comparison of the Wargames Factory Orcs. I have searched through my pile of unpainted miniatures to show you the scale of the Orcs. From left to right you have: a Games Workshop Night Goblin, a Games Workshop Mordor Orc, the Wargames Factory Orc and to end a sole Games Workshop Space Marine. I hoped to find an unpainted Mantic Games Ghoul but was unable to find some. 

I've also included pictures of some Orcs I have put together using the Wargames Factory boxed kit and several spare bits from wargames Factory and other plastic miniature manufacturers. The miniatures shown are equipped with some Celt and German shields as the box only includes two shield variants. To further enchance the dynamic poses I've also used some Zulu warrior arms (Celt and German unsleeved arms would also work) also made by Wargames Factory.

For the following miniatures I've used some spare weapons and shields from the new and marvellous Fireforge Games Teutonic Knight Cavalry! Of which I also wrote a review. These bits really add a lot of character to the already good looking miniatures. These two miniatures are my favorites as they look a bit like the real metal Gamesworkshop Cirith Ungol Uruk-Hai.

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Mitch K said...

This is more my view of orcs than the current Peter Jackson derived form. Whats to not like?

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

You share my opnion, the Peter Jackson Orcs look to stylished and lack the character of the Angus Bride drawings which I always found fascinating.

They are also greater to convert as they are modular and fit in with other plastic historical kits so you can swap weaponry and shields easily.

I have converted and painted quite a lot of them, which I will show on blog in a while.

Cheers and glad you liked them as much as I did.

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