Sunday, May 6, 2018

Artis Opus: 11 Hours Left - Grab Your Artis Opus Kickstarter Paint Brushes and More Now!

Artis Opus: These fantastic paint brushes just got even better - more stretch goals have been unlocked and more addons have been released. Check the Kickstarter here and hurry only 11 hours left!

Note that I have been informed by a Wargame News an Terrain reader that the import of kolinsky sable brushes to The United States of America might be forbidden due to regulations on the origin of the kolinsky sable hair and the protection of the used weasel/ marten species. If you're looking to buy these brushes it might be worthwhile to contact the team at Artis Opus with further questions regarding this regulation on import to The United States of America and the brush material origin.

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