Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Breaking! Northstar Miniatures: Copplestone Castings Miniature Price Rise Inbound

Northstar Miniatures will be increasing the prices of the Copplestone Castings miniatures, some ranges such as the popular The Back of Beyond, High Adventure and Darkest Africa ranges will certainly rise and most likely this will also affect the other Copplestone Castings miniature ranges.

Copplestone Castings price rise. There will be a price rise on Copplestone Castings packs mid April. The Back of Beyond and High Adventure packs will increase. £6.50 packs will become £7.25, £11.95 packs £14 and £8.95 packs £9.90. Darkest Africa from Copplestone Castings. These packs will also be going up in price this month. Get your army for Death in the Dark Continent now.  Check Copplestone Castings here

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