Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Deano C. Ware: Journey To The Overland Solo Tabletop Roleplaying Game Adds 3D Buildings To Its Kickstarter!

Deano C. Ware: Journey To The Overland is a new Solo Tabletop Roleplaying game that allows you to enjoy the fun and adventure of a role-playing game all by yourself in the comfort of your own home! Check the Kickstarter here

Journey To The Overland is a game published by Overland Games and inspired by Dwarfstar’s Barbarian Prince but also includes elements of games like Lone Wolf and Magnunmund, Dragonquest, Conan the Barbarian and of course Dungeons and Dragons.  In short, if you like Gloomhaven or enjoyed Legacy of Dragonholt you will love Journey To The Overland!

Journey To The Overland is a completely solo game played on a numbered hex map that allows you to create a character, travel and adventure throughout the world of The Overland in search of Five Weapons of Power.   Journey To The Overland features open ended tabletop role playing that allows players to:

•  Seek News and Information
•  Seek An Audience with the Town Mayor
•  Seek To Hire Help in a town or castle
•  Obtain new Skills and Advanced Skills
•  Earn and Spend Experience Points
•  Become a Knight, Samurai or Gladiator
•  Travel and explore new lands
•  Gain NPC friends and comrades
•  Hunt for food
•  Gain Experience Points and Level up

As they enter the last two weeks of the campaign Deano C. Ware, its creator, has released what he calls his "Masterpiece!"  - The Journey To The Overland 3D Townscape of every town, castle and strategic location in the kingdom!  Even if you do not play roleplaying games these buildings would be great replacements for the stickers and tokens included in games like Gloomhaven and Mage Knight the Boardgame!

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