Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Eureka Miniatures: New 28mm Bronze Age Greeks Released

Eureka Miniatures released their new 28mm Bronze Age Greeks featuring some excellent looking infantry, civilians and chariots for this exciting period!

Eureka is proud to announce a new range of Bronze Age Greeks perfect for recreating the most famous of all sieges, Troy, or simply for raiding your neighbours. These sea-borne warriors can be used from roughly 1600 - 1100 BC (and much later for light infantry). Some of these figures may also make suitable Sea Peoples or other island cultures from the period.

We at Eureka have worked tirelessly to give you enough variation and options to kit out a full force comprising infantry, command, chariots and light support (44 foot, 2 chariots). We have even supplied some wailing women to see your army off on their ships and some spare heads for you to customise your army even further. We introduce Jack Garley who has been in charge of research for this project and it is the first one he has completed for us. We think he has done himself and us proud and we hope you agree. This is an exciting and interesting period so any suggestions for expansion are welcome, just send us an email. Check all miniatures here

28mm Bronze Age Greeks - Numbers in parenthesis are available variants

100BAG001 Greek infantry at rest (10)
100BAG002 Greek infantry in action (8)
100BAG003 Greek armoured axemen (4)
100BAG004 Greek hero with sword (3)
100BAG005 Greek hero in Dendra armour (3)
100BAG006 Greek priest (1)
100BAG007 Strip of 4 helmets and heads (2)
100BAG008 Greek women, 3 figure set (1)
100BAG009 Light infantry with sling (4)
100BAG010 Light infantry with javelin (4)
100BAG011 Light infantry with bow (4)
100BAG016 Rail Chariot and two crew (1)
100BAG017 Chariot and Dendra armoured crew (1)

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