Thursday, February 1, 2018

Empress Miniatures: New Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Characters, Infantry and Transport

Empress Miniatures: Kicking off the New Year in style we have the latest long-awaited releases from the peerless Iron Duke Indian Mutiny range. Continuing the objective that this will indeed be the most complete (and most mouth-watering) Mutiny range available we have the first full personality set which includes Brig-Gen. Henry Havelock, Maj-Gen Sir James Outram, Lt-Col. Tytler. (DQMG), Brig-Gen James Neill, Capt. Francis Maude RA, Lt. Harry Havelock. 

Alongside the personalities we have a superb set of mounted officers, a camel train, an ammunition supply train, more Sikhs and more Mutineers. We can only recommend that you take a look in our Iron Duke store to see what other goodies have been added to the range. Check them here

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