Friday, February 9, 2018

Black Hat Miniatures: 25/28mm Miniature Ranges Sold

Black Hat Miniatures: We have today sold the majority of our 25/28mm ranges to another company. This does not include the 28mm Chinese Fantasy range Tales of the Dragon Kings which we are still producing but does include the following ranges:

- Samurai
- 3 Musketeers
- Gladiators
- Robin Hood
- Shattered Isles Fantasy
- Cobalt-1 Science Fiction
- Mutants and Madmen SF / Superheroes

The new owner is in the process of setting up a new company and will be using these ranges as a basis for this new venture.  As soon as the ranges are available again we will add the information to our website.  As of today all the ranges are marked as out of stock and we can no longer accept orders for them.

This is part of a small change of direction for Black Hat and myself.  I have been running a new Toy Soldier company Imperial Miniatures alongside Black Hat for a while now and am finding that I have been so busy with both ventures that I simply do not have the time to develop new products which is the fun, interesting side of the business. This has meant that Black Hat has suffered as I have not been able to expand ranges. I will now have more time to release the new figures that have been sculpted and moulded for Martian Empires and it will also enable me to have the time to concentrate on and give proper attention to the 15mm ranges, the 54mm Toy Soldiers and the Coat D’arms paint range. Many thanks Mike Lewis

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