Sunday, September 24, 2017

Warlord Games: New Plastic Waffen SS Miniature Boxed Set

Warlord Games launched the pre-order for their new plastic Bolt Action Waffen SS miniatures allowing you to field these dreaded, controversial yet elite soldiers on the tabletop battlefield.

Tough, lavishly equipped and politically indoctrinated, SS troops formed over 38 divisions and numerous other regimental and battalion-sized units, totalling nearly a million men under arms. Their armoured units won many plaudits for their actions, and although relationships between regular army units and the Waffen-SS were sometimes strained, most SS units fought ferociously, against great odds until the wars end in Berlin, 1945. The Waffen-SS was a controversial organisation - their zeal and discipline could not be questioned although their many documented atrocities will perhaps be their greatest legacy.

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