Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wargames Foundry: Old Colonial Miniature Ranges Re-Released - Taiping Rebellion and Much More

Wargames Foundry: We have relisted several ranges of figures that have not been available on our website for many years and extended the Darkest Africa Miniature Deals.

Ever Victorious Army figures sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry can be found towards the end of our Taiping Rebellion section along with Chinese that are suitable for a wide variety of periods and uses. You can also use our Ever Victorious Army figures for Franco Chinese and British trained Imperialist Chinese. There are also miniatures of Shanghai Volunteers and French Seamen now available. See our guide to Uniforms of the Taiping Rebellion by John French for more information.

Our War of 1812 range sculpted by Aly Morrison is now listed on our new website. Our Maximilian Adventure (French in Mexico) range was also sculpted by Aly and has also just been listed on our new website along with suitable Engineers and Artillery taken from our Crimean War French range.

We have put together a section of miniatures suitable for the 1st Afghan War sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry along with articles and uniform guides by John French. The British Infantry in Bell Top Shakos were originally released as part of our China 1839-1900 range for use in the 1st China War. Follow this link to our article on 1st China War (1st Opium War) 1839-42 and the Battle of Chapu.

The Sikhs from our Sikh Wars range sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry can now be found starting at the bottom of page 3 of that section. Sikh Infantry, Artillery, Cuirassiers, Lancers and Gurkhas are now available. The Afghan Regular Army 1860-85 sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry can now be found towards the end of our North West Frontier 1880-1908 section.

We are extending the Bonus Packs sale on our Mark Copplestone sculpted Darkest Africa range until midnight GMT Sunday 23rd July. Spend £96 to get 20% off or £192 to get 27% off. Visit the front page of our website for more information.

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