Thursday, July 20, 2017

Manorhouse Workshop: Forgotten Halls Modular Dungeon Terrain Preview Video

Manorhouse Workshop: To all Forgotten Halls fans and followers out there, we have some news for you. After our last article, where we showed a sneak peak of our 2 boxes Beyond the Door and  Eerie Silence)

We are showing you our Promotional Kickstarter Video one day before it gets sent to the world! Get ready and brace yourself! Graphic design – video by: Fabio “Jacknife” Paulotto This 1:00 video shows just few of the great characteristics of Forgotten Halls and present also new frontiers and gems never seen before on our FH page. Can you spot them? Don’t hesitate to share the word and the video around to your friends. The next months are going to be hectic!

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