Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sprue Grey: The Golden D6 - Wargame Magazine Issue 11

Today we will take a look at the eleventh issue of The Golden D6 - The Online Wargame Hobby Magazine! This issue again features loads of useful painting and terrain building articles from talented wargamers worldwide.

The Golden D6 is an online wargame hobby magazine created by Sprue Grey led by Adam Jones supported by a whole host of talented wargame bloggers of which many names may sound familiar to you. Succesfully gathering the coolest online miniature content in one place. They offer you the best wargame articles in one nicely edited magazine allowing you to further enhance your miniature painting, terrain collection and other aspects of our tabletop miniature hobby in no time!

Check our review featuring our three favorite articles here and make sure to also check our discount codes especially created for our readers. Build Frostgrave terrain, learn how to paint realistic black and more all packed in one magazine!

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