Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pen and Sword Books: Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls - Naval Warfare Rules

Pen and Sword Books: Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls is a set of wargame rules for naval battles in the age of sail. They are fun, fast-playing and very easy to learn. Each player can easily command a single ship or several, the rules working equally well for a single frigate chasing down a privateer, or a large-scale fleet action with multiple players on each side. The basic rules are written with the emphasis on a fast, fun game full of incident, while still rewarding use of historical tactics. Optional rules add further historical detail. Sample scenarios and a campaign system are included. The book also contains colour ship counters, so no expensive models are needed to get started. Now there is no excuse not to relive the glories of Nelson at Trafalgar or Hawke at Quiberon Bay, or perhaps try your hand at a little piracy. Available at Pen and Sword Books here

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