Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mutton Chop Miniatures: New World War One Miniatures

Mutton Chop Miniatures: Imperial German Jaegers and 1915 British infantry. Are now moulded. Empress Miniatures should have castings to sell early next week. The 1930s British infantry are well underway. The first four packs will be 2 x Infantry, section command consisting of Corporal, Lance Corporal, Lewis Gunner and one trooper. The last pack will be Vickers Machine Gun.

Well these have been on the shelf for quite a while. With the renewed interest in all things 1930s I just had to get them up to muster. I also have another four on the work bench. They aren't finished and will need straps, slings and bed rolls adding. British infantry in Service dress with 37 patten web equipment.

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