Monday, April 10, 2017

Empress Miniatures: Spring Lunacy - Presenting the Empress 28mm U-Boat!

Empress Miniatures: What can we say? We've always wanted one of these ourselves (or three ...) and they are actually surprisingly versatile. Straight-up battles (for those with big enough tables), Commando raids, Pulp Adventure - this thing makes a great center-piece to a wide range of games. We are particularly proud of the way it breaks down making it easy to store. After a bit of debate on our Facebook page we have this up at a special pre-Salute price of £59. This will have to go up a bit soon, but we'll hold it at that for now. We have almost sold out of our initial run of these already (just via word of mouth in fact) so if you would like one for Salute then we highly recommend pre-ordering. Always a good idea, but in this case probably essential. 

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