Monday, March 6, 2017

Manorhouse Workshop: Forgotten Halls Hard Plastic – Back to the… Dynamic Floors & Sewers

Manorhouse Workshop: After several articles about the walls of Forgotten Halls, which allows to build and create an infinity of amazing buildings, we are back to one of the most interesting feature of our project, our Dynamic Floors.

Our Dynamic Floors can be modified and customized in many different ways, by adding and taking out some Floor Inserts. In Forgotten Halls, our Dynamic Floors have a cross-section, with 3 different Modular inserts, which can be added/taken out, and moved to create different results. For the sewers, this means that you can very easily obtain a T-section, angular turns, intersections, and more : just have a look at the pictures for a first glimpse of the possibilities!

It doesn't stop here: by adding other types of Floor Inserts, you will be able to change the floors very easily, like adding grates to create bridges on the sewers. This is just one of the multiple solution reachable with Forgotten Halls. But let's go back to the Dungeon. This dungeon has a lot of modularity. Since our walls are not pinned to the floors, you can put them wherever you want, creating even very narrow corridors, or rooms of various sizes. The length of the corridors and the size of the rooms is up to you! All of the modularity doesn't take away anything of the aesthetics, allowing you to immerge yourself and your miniatures in a beautiful gaming experience. Let's now give space to the pictures and the video. For other videos, subscribe to our Youtube Channel (with all our Forgotten Walls video collection, some never published on our blog).

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