Monday, March 6, 2017

Heroic Maps: New HLS Freighter "Capabilita" - SciFi Cargo Vessel Scenery Map

Heroic Maps: HLS Freighter Capabilita is one of the hundreds of cargo vessles that belong to the Helian League. The Helian League, a loose Federation of the colonised planets of the Solar System, use freighters like "Capabilita" to transfer goods, resources, weapons and more between the planets of the solar system.

A printable rpg battlemap compatible with any RPG/Sci-Fi or skirmish game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset. The ship occupies approximately 20x30 tiles. Contents: A small cargo and freight spaceship, with a military or industrial design. The vessel is dominated by the large cargo hold, with crates and other goods for transport. There is a small living area for the crew, and sleeping quarters and washrooms, with a small bridge from where the spacecraft is controlled. Uses: HLS Freighter Capabilita could be attacked by alien forces and defended by the crew, or used to smuggle prohibited goods to rebel planets.

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