Saturday, February 4, 2017

Warlord Games: Marlborough's Wars Starter Army Pre-Order

Warlord Games: Fought between 1701 and 1714, the War of the Spanish Succession began with a dispute between King Louis XIV of France and Emperor Leopold I of Austria about who should inherit the vacant throne of Spain. This was one of the first truly global conflicts!

This starter army is an ideal starting point for a new army or to add reinforcements to an existing force. Throughout the War of Spanish Succession the uniforms of the main protagonists on each side were largely the same with only the colour of the uniforms being the discerning factor. As such this set is just the job for French, British, Bavarian, Dutch, etc.

Starter Army includes:

- 96 multi-part plastic Marlburian Infantry
- 12 multi-part plastic Marlburian Cavalry
- 3 multi-part plastic artillery pieces with 12 crew
- 3 mounted officers
- Banners for armies of the Sun King and the Grand Alliance

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