Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sea Dog Game Studios: Sailpower 2.0 6mm Scale Kits Kickstarter - Play Big, or Play Anywhere!

Sea Dog Game Studios: over 10 years, Sailpower's 15mm "fun scale" miniatures game has been enjoyed by hundreds of players at many conventions and game stores. Now, Sea Dog Game Studios wants to take the game small scale, to 6mm.

Sailpower is a rules system that allows you to play the role of Captain or Commodore in the Age of Sail. Those rules allow you to play anything from a small ship battle to a full-fledged open world on your tabletop, complete with ports, exploration, combat, merchant trading, role play as many different historical factions and more.

Our original Sailpower 2.0 15mm models were sculpted by game designer Brian Carnes and crowdfunded in 2013. For this campaign, Brian is collaborating with a master jeweler and wax sculptor to miniaturize his well received designs. Smaller-scale ships will allow big games in a smaller space. We want you to have all the fun of our legendary big-scale convention games on any 6ft table.

Your help is needed to produce new, 6mm models of your favorite Sailpower ships, including the 6-Gun Bermuda Sloop, 8-Gun Flush deck Sloop, 10-Gun Cutter, 10-Gun Brigantine 12-Gun Brig, Galley Frigate, and Baltimore Clipper. You can check the Kickstarter here

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