Sunday, February 5, 2017

Northstar Miniatures: Death in The Dark Continent - Darkest Africa Wargame Rules

Northstar Miniatures revealed some more details about their upcoming Death in The Dark Continent - Darkest Africa wargame rules which will hopefully to be released in April 2017.

Northstar Miniatures will be releasing the third incarnation of the popular Death in The Dark Continent wargame rules as a proper hardback book counting 180-190 pages. You will be getting two games in the new version of Death in the Dark Continent. As well as the main wargame, Chris Peers has added a new Man V Beast hunting game to the book, where players take the roles of hunters and animals and stalk each other down.

"The Chief of the blue-coloured cattle, who was so confident of his strength, had refused to flee when the Matabele approached. Their onset was as the voice of lightning, and their spears as the shaking of a forest in the autumn storm. The Matabele lions raised the shout of death, and flew upon their victims.." Stooping to the ground on which we stood, he took up a little dust in his hand: blowing it off, and holding out his naked palm, he added "That is all that remains of the great chief of the blue-coloured cattle!" The words of a Native Guide, South Africa, late 19th Century.

Ila warrriors emerge from ambush, startling the local baboons. (In game terms the Ila are Elite Skirmishers.) Kev Dallimore painted them with the tall grass on the bases. The game encourages you to base the figures on 60mm by 30mm, which allows you to 'go to town' on making them mini dioramas.

Below you can see the covers of all three Death in The Dark Continent prints starting with the latest cover at the left followed by the second and first edition cover artwork of these splendid Darkest Africa rules. The original book had around 46 pages, the latest book will have an astounding page count of almost 200 pages, all filled with colonial splendour!

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