Saturday, March 25, 2017

Games Workshop: Blood Bowl The Gouged Eye Orks and Troll

Games Workshop launched the pre-order for the new Blood Bowl plastic The Gouged Eye Orks and Troll. Prepare to ravage the football pitch with these savage players.

The Gouged Eye are, without a doubt, one of the most violent teams in any Blood Bowl league. They were once just like any other tribe of Orks until, one fateful day, they learned of a wondrous game played by humans from a captured Slave. Since taking up this gory new sport they have improved their play style by kidnapping coaches and forcing them to teach them new tips and tricks, the more violent the better. The Gouged Eye, under the inspired leadership of long-serving captain Varag Ghoul-Chewer, go from strength to strength and massacre to massacre. Another Blood Bowl title cannot be far off.

Trolls are stupid, very stupid, they are by far the dumbest of all races to ever step foot on a Blood Bowl pitch. Countless coaches have been overheard complaining that 'that stupid troll just lost us the game'. However, they make up for their lack of intelligence with unmatched resilience and regenerative capabilities allowing them to take a hit from even the biggest opponent and carry on standing. So, no matter how stupid trolls are, they will continue to appear on the pitch.

These miniatures can now be pre-ordered at Games Workshop or you can pre-order them at Wayland Games here and Element Games here at a 20% discount.

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