Thursday, February 23, 2017

Empress Miniatures: New Paul Hicks - Late War World War Two American GIs First of Many!

Empress Miniatures: Well, this is a big day here at Empress Miniatures, and one that sees the release of a significant new range for us. Starting with  Late War World War Two American GIs!

Firstly a little history. We first met Paul Hicks back in Empress's pre-history when he was the sculpting talent and part owner of an exciting new miniatures company called Bolt Action. His work during this time played a significant part in establishing what has become one of the dominant scales for World War Two gaming. Indeed many of Paul's World War Two figures are considered definitive to this day.

28mm World War Two has always been on the list for Empress (indeed our Italians represent our first steps in this direction) and we felt there were some serious gaps in what is currently available. Beyond this we were sure we aren't alone in wanting to see Paul back to one of his first loves and producing beautiful second world war sculpts again! We've been quietly waiting until we all felt it was the right time to take this step ... 

So where do we start?  Our ranges start with Late War World War Two American GIs. There are in the M43 uniform so suitable from autumn 1944 onward. Holland, Belgium, Ardennes, Hurtgenwald, Germany and all points between. This initial release is just the spearhead and we have more due imminently, including .30cal teams, bazooka teams, more infantry etc. 

These will also work perfectly for Korea and, at a push, French Indo-China too. You can expect to see more releases very soon, along with painted examples etc. We will be approaching these in typical Empress style with a lot of depth and options allowing you to field really attractive and comprehensive armies on the table. We might also have a few surprises up our sleeves too.

These are size-compatible with all current World War Two ranges, particularly those already sculpted by Paul! We will be producing everything you need for the most popular World War Two rules (Chain of Command, Bolt Action etc.). We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions on this range so please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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