Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sprue Grey: Discover New Hobby Articles - The Golden D6 Magazine Issue Nine Released

Sprue Grey: The Golden D6 issue #9 has all sorts of hobby tutorials, battle reports and reviews designed by the talented Melissa Jones. Grab your own copy here


- Maintenance of reindeer and other live stock
- A review of Dragon Rampant. Turning Fantasy gaming up to 11!
- Get your teeth kicked in by a Seraphim. Part two of the Silver Demon winning “Hammer of Wrath”
- What to do if you overdose on chocolate
- Totally #TeamTony. How to paint Knight Model’s Iron Man
- A fascinating dissertation on the theory of Painting Busts
- No box can contain Super Dungeon Explore!
- Our Tau-riffic feature on the Armies on Parade winning 40K Tau army
- The ground shakes as Bloody Barnabas takes on Angarra in a Hordes battle report
- Yes, Viginia, there is a Santa Claus
- An amazing tutorial showing you how to paint a Sylvaneth Wyldwood.

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