Monday, January 23, 2017

Perry Miniatures: Plastic Zulu Wars British Infantry Preview - Salute Release

Perry Miniatures previewed their long-awaited Zulu Wars British Infantry miniatures which will probably be released at Salute, later this year. Looking splendid and certainly worth buying!

Plastic Zulu War British update - As today is the dual anniversary of the Battle of Isandlwana and the defense of Rorke's Drift (22nd-23rd for Rorke's Drift) it seemed apt to bring you an update on the British figures. 

Final tweaks still need to be done but these are shots of some of the first pressings. Two units were immediately painted up by Steve and Jess May concentrating on the Zulu War unit and Alan painted the Home Service one. The box and leaflet still need to be done but we probably won't be releasing these plastics until Salute. One of the reasons is that we are holding it back a little as that there's a tiny chance that we would be revealing something new at Salute but if we can't this will be the new box for sale.  Really interesting, does anybody has an idea what this can be. Generic plastic African tribesmen would be cool but I would also be happy with some Zulu warriors to face these miniatures!

The box will include 38 miniatures including the 4 casualties (two fallen and two wounded) along with the below shown Heliograph team. So as you can see the box will include Foreign Service helmets for use in the Zulu War (1879|), Ninth Cape Frontier War (1877-78) and the Anglo Boer War (1880-81). It will also have heads with Home Service helmets in case you wish to repel those fiendish French, pushy Prussians, rascally Russians or indeed them there minxy Martians! We will post more pics closer to their release.

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