Friday, December 2, 2016

Sprue Grey: New The Golden D6 Issue 8 - Zombie Apocalypse

Sprue Grey: Roll up, roll up! You're just in time for the Zombie Apocalypse! Another bumper issue of The Golden D6! Over 100 pages of hobby tutorials, battle reports and reviews designed by the talented Melissa Jones. Grab issue 8 here

- Scenarios for the Zombie Apocalyse from Base Two
- Magnetising the Warhammer 40000 Imperial Knight by Nick Thrower
- A crypt scenery tutorial by Rob Hawkins from Skull Forge Scenics
- Malifaux review by Jason Murdoch
- Painting Ork skin tutorial by David Colwell
- Painting Bolt Action infantry
- Kings of War battle report by Rex Foote
- The Hammer of Wrath Silver Golden Demon Winner submitted by Rory Priest
- Dark Age Review by David Wilkinson
- Tree scenery tutorial by Dagger and Brush

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