Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sprue Grey: Hobby Magazine - The Golden D6 Issue Seven

Sprue Grey: Well, it's that time again! The Golden D6 Issue 7 is out! This one is special. Not because of the number, more that it represents the anniversary of the magazine being published.

It's been twelve months of publishing a monthly magazine. Seven issues in. It's a work in progress ...
In Issue Seven you'll find the usual array of different games and hobby tutorials. If you've got the chance, I highly recommend checking out Blast Pistol. It's a quick and easy sci-fi skirmish game, as you'll see in the battle report from Dorkside Cookies.

  • LOS Block terrain for Sci-fi wargames like Warhammer 40000 and Infinity
  • Tales from Westruna from Rex Foote
  • Rex is also in the process of getting his first book published. It’s called Tales from Westrunaand should be well worth the read if you’re a fan of his awesome narrative battle reports.
  • Dorkside Cookies introduce us to Blast Pistol from Nordic Weasle Games
  • Jolt Games awesome Batman Miniatures Game battle report
  • Karl Turner-Howe’s cool Beyond the Gates of Antares painting guide for Ghar Assault Suits
  • Pawel at Path of an Outcast brings us this amazingly detailed Kings of War Battle Report
  • KrautScientist brings us the second part to “Grimdark Glamour” or Enhanced Miniature Photography.
  • The Lost and the Very Damned go screaming down the dusty highway in the last of the V8s!
  • Terrain by Stefan. ‘Nuff said!
  • Tom Damin’s X-wing hobby guide.
  • Good gaming #Spruegrey Nation! 

Now available here at Sprue Grey and don't forget the Wargame News and Terrain exclusive deal! Use the exclusive Wargame News and Terrain discount code - wargameterrain to get a 25% discount on the Golden D6 Bundle, collecting together the first five issues.

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