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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Tree Design: Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 50% Discounts

Black Tree Design: I was going to do 4 sales for this weekend but I'm way too lazy and recovering from the flu. So here's our TG-BF-WE-CM Sale!! (catchy title)

In theory the sale ends Midnight Monday but if it goes crazy we're going to have to end the sale on some ranges early. So order big and order early! Remember folks. Big orders get free shipping!

- WW2 Infantry - 50% Off
- Doctor Who - 25% Off
- Fantasy Infantry and Cavalry - 50% Off
- Ancient Ranges Infantry - 50% Off
- Roman Infantry - 50% Off
- Feudal Infantry - 50% Off
- Dark Ages Infantry - 50% Off
- Hundred Years War Infantry - 50% Off
- Zulu Wars - 50% Off

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