Monday, October 3, 2016

Sprue Grey: New The Golden D6 - Online Hobby Magazine Issue Seven Reviewed!

Looking to expand your wargame knowledge, learn of the best painters and most talented wargame bloggers? Search no further as Sprue Grey has just released their new The Golden D6 - hobby magazine issue filled with an amazing collection of hobby articles!

The Golden D6 is an online wargame hobby magazine created by Sprue Grey led by Adam Jones supported by a whole host of talented wargame bloggers of which many names may sound familiar to you. Succesfully gathering the coolest online miniature content in one place. They offer you the best wargame articles in one nicely edited magazine. Just as with our similar review of the previous The Golden D6 - Issue Six - Tutorial issue we decided to check out this issue and show you some of the cool wargame hobby content.

Check our thorough review here and sample the content yourself

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