Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fireforge Games: Upcoming Plastic Medieval Archers Preview and Fantasy Pegasus Knights Boxed Set Announced!

Fireforge Games previewed this painted plastic medieval archer of their new plastic medieval archer boxed set along an announcement for an upcoming fantasy Pegasus Knights boxed set.

The announced boxed set will contain 24 miniatures and will be released at Crisis 2016 - Antwerp. When you decide to buy these miniatures from their stand at Crisis, you will receive a non-specified gift while stock lasts. This set uses the same bodies as the plastic Sergeants boxed set but with three new heads and obviously new weapons. Five new plastic historical boxed sets are already scheduled in with the manufacturer, most likely still Renedra in the United Kingdom.

Also great news is that Fireforge Games will also be making fantasy miniatures as a resin-plastic Pegasus Knights boxed set has been announced. This fantasy Pegasus Knights boxed set will contain 4 Pegasus (in resin) with one frame of their excellent plastic Teutonic Knights. With more possible fantasy sets announced in 2017 if sales are good on the Pegasus Knights boxed set.

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