Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: Plastic Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts Barbarians Sprue Preview

Northstar Miniatures finally previewed the sprue for the upcoming hard plastic multipart Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts Barbarians and it looks great!

As with the previous plastic boxed sets again five bodies and lots of unique heads and weapons offering you all the option you may need to assemble your Frostgrave warband or fantasy barbarian army. Pitch these fierce warriors from the north as Robert E. Howard's Conan warriors, Wildlings from the popular Game of Thrones television series or use these for your mass battle wargames using the popular The Ninth Age, Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Kings of War fantasy wargame rules. You can still grab these through the Northstar Miniatures pre-order here along with free miniatures and other possible cool rewards!

Interested in seeing more preview pictures of the assembled and painted miniatures including pictures of their design and production process? Make sure to check our compilation post here

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