Thursday, September 29, 2016

Steel Fist Miniatures: Mounted Rennaisance Knights Kickstarter Ending Soon

Steel Fist Miniatures: The Knights of the 16th century were an explosion of colour and extravagance. Wearing richly ornamented armour often featuring grotesque details and engraving, the amour would have been of the highest quality with the top armouries of europe competing to produce better and more richly ornamented armours. The armour was often covered with expensive fabrics and helmets decorated with ostrich feather plumes to further enhance the appearance of these nobles.

You can use these figures for Rennaisance collections and fantasy collections so they are very versatile! The aim of this campaign is to release three sets of these Knights, which will be cast in white metal. A further incentive to join this campaign is that the retail price of these packs will be higher once available for general release. These figures will allow you to customise your collection as they come separate from the horses with separate heads and separate plumes so the figures have many variables. Check the Kickstarter here

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