Thursday, September 29, 2016

Black Scorpion: New Birthday Miniature and Free Miniature

Black Scorpion: Our 11th birthday was on the 22nd of September! To celebrate we're releasing a new model and also offering a free model with all orders until october 3rd! This will be a random model, but in the comments upon check out you can specify if you prefer Tombstone or Pirates and we'll try our best to add something appropriate. Already have an order placed but not shipped? Don't worry you'll still get a free model. :)

Today we're releasing 'Rambler and Humphrey the dog'. Available in the Tombstone range for £4.00. This will be available for a limited time as it will then be part of the Tombstone kickstarter. Details on the Tombstone page to the left. An excellent addition to your Tombstone civilians!

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