Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reaper Miniatures: Baseboss Kickstarter By Reaper - Final Week!

Reaper Miniatures: We're creating an awesome baseapalooza celebration of miniature figure base awesomeness! The project ends in one week, but you can still join us on kickstarter here where we're making tens of thousands of bases in 14 new shapes, styles, and sizes!

This is your chance to join in and get these new bases (and some of our classics!) as soon as they're off the press! Backers of this project will get a huge load of bases in a variety of sizes for an unbelievably low price, and the satisfaction that Reaper is making these bases right here in the USA, at our factory in Texas! We're already 300% funded and we've added Freedom bases to every Base Pledge that includes the Large Amount of Round Bases or Huge Amount of Oval Bases rewards!

What are freedom bases?

We're glad you asked! Freedom bases are Red, White*, and Blue flying bases with both round and hexagonal bases! What makes them freedom bases? Well, they're made in the USA, and they represent the colors of the flags of so many nations! The US, UK, Australia, even Canada (if you throw away the blue ones!). *The bases we're using for White are actually clear bases. If you'd like them to be white bases, all that is required is a few moments of time and some white paint or primer! What are you waiting for? Baseboss by Reaper!

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