Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thunder Chrome: 3D Printable Post Apocalyptic Scenery Webshop Launched

Thunder Chrome launched their webshop offering you digital files to print your own 3D wargame and roleplaying post-apocalyptic scenery! Check the full range available here

For a wargamer there is only one thing better than a table full of painted miniatures: a table full of painted miniatures running, jumping and hiding behind buildings, fences and corpses. The problem with wargame scenery is that it's either great and expensive, or it's "not so great" and cheap (remember cereal boxes?). We at Thunder Chrome want to offer you the chance to fill up your tables with amazingly detailed post apocalyptic scenery at a ridiculously cheap price. We want you to say goodbye to balsa wood and glue. Say hello to 3D printing, say hello to Thunder Chrome.

Browsing around you have the choice of three different sections: Extras, Modular System and Memorables. The first section includes all sorts of  usable scatter terrain such as toxic ponds, obstacles and more. 

The modular system consists of a set of different shacks with floors and roofs, catwalks, supports and terraces! as you can see in the pictures rather impressive designs and printing quality, although the latter really depends on which printer you decide to use yourself.

On the Memorables Thunder Chrome says: The memorable buildings are simply the best 3D post apocalyptic buildings you can have on a table. Forget MDF flat buildings, this is real 3D! From a classic abandoned diner to a water treatment plant, the memorables are the models that will make your gaming table look like no other. If you dare, you can even fight in the Thunder Dome, but remember: two men enter, one man leaves!.

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