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Sprue Grey: Wargame Hobby Magazine - The Golden D6 Tutorial Issue Six Reviewed!

Looking to expand your wargame knowledge, learn of the best painters and most talented wargame bloggers? Search no further as Sprue Grey has just released their  lastest The Golden D6 - hobby magazine issue filled with an amazing collection of tutorials!

The Golden D6 is an online wargame hobby magazine created by Sprue Grey led by Adam Jones supported by a whole host of talented wargame bloggers of which many names may sound familiar to you. Succesfully gathering the coolest online miniature content in one place. They offer you the best wargame articles in one nicely edited magazine. Their lastest issue covers a whole range of tutorials ranging from scenery and painting tutorials to miniature photography tutorials. I have downloaded this issue and like it so much that I decided to give it a proper review here on Wargame News and Terrain, your daily wargame news blog.

The Golden D6 - Issue Six - On the Matter of Tutorials!

The Golden D6 is an online wargame magazine which can be easily bought and downloaded from the Sprue Grey website as a portable document format also better known as PDF. After a quick registration you can be reading the lastest issue and exploring the lastest wargame content in less than five minutes. For this review I will take a closer look at my top three favorite tutorials that are included in this latest issue of The Golden D6 being the very useful photography tutorial by KrautScientist, the lovely cheap shanty town tutorial by Germy and last but certainly not least the Flames of War tank painting tutorial by the very talented HeresyBrush.

Full content of this issue

- An air brush maintenance tutorial from Melbourne’s own Steve King
- Painting a Combined army Oznat from Andrew House
- An Iron Warrior’s painting guide from Edd Ralph
- Display bases for miniatures
- An awesome Ikea Modular Dungeon Tutorial from Shedwars
- DIY Gaming Tokens from the #Spruegrey Nation’s own Metal Valkyrie from Metalhead Minis
- Toilet paper terrain. ‘Nuff said.
- Cheap shanty town terrain from
- Joe makes some sanity test rolls painting Mansion of Madness Cultists
- Enhanced miniature photography from KrautScientist
- A truly amazing Flames of War painting tutorial from HeresyBrush

Miniature Photographing - Master the art of miniature photographing with the excellent tutorial made by KrautScientist and snap pictures of your lovely painted miniatures in their full glory. This tutorial contains all the tips and tricks you need to get the best out of your miniature collection by adding epic looking backgrounds and stunning digital effects! Show your miniatures how they would look on the grim battlefields and amaze your friends. The content of this article was so extensive that it has been split over two issue of The Golden D6 with the latest part appearing in the following issue.

Cheap Shanty Town - Cheap and easy to store terrain was the focus of Germy while creating his shanty town and taking the time to write a thorough tutorial on how you can make your own version. The shanty town tutorial gives you an illustrated and fully explained way of creating and painting your own modular foam shanty town. Really showing some great tips and material choices you would have never thought of. As I really like making my own terrain, this article is certainly my personal favorite of this issue.

Flames of War Painting - Last but certainly not least the excellent painting tutorial by HeresyBrush, master of paint and brush. During this Flames of War painting tutorial he guides you through painting a German 15mm tank using three painting videos, the actual tutorial text and a painting reference chart. Vastly improve your painting skills guided by this talented painter like he's sitting next to you, just look at that tank! This is also one of the things I like about The Golden D6, that they can also include cool and quality video content.

The Conclusion

Quality content supplied in an easy to read online magazine format at an affordable price, with The Golden D6 you receive all the best wargame content in one place. Read articles from bloggers sharing their expertise and knowledge on subjects that take years to master and create your own uniquely painted miniatures and scenery. The Golden D6 - Issue Six contains 69 pages and nothing of advertisment, that's were you guys step in by supporting this lovely magazine and keeping it running and advertisment free.

Interested in grabbing the latest issue of The Golden D6 by Sprue Grey, make sure to support this quality magazine by buying your copy in their online store for only 5.95AUD.  Check the previous individual issues below or grab the discounted yearly subscription or bundle deals.

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Disclaimer - We received this magazine for free from Sprue Grey for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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