Monday, June 20, 2016

Star Fort Miniatures: 15mm Eastern Village and Scenery

Star Fort Miniatures produces a range of buildings and scenery designed for use with the most popular war gaming systems such as Flames of War, Bolt Action, Battlegroup Kursk, etc.

Our aim is to produce a range of high quality buildings and scenery ideal for gamers. Our buildings are all made using 3d CAD software and are designed from real life examples using original drawings and photographs. Each one is laser cut from 3mm and 2mm treated MDF. This gives ours buildings strength, durability, and an excellent paintable surface.

All our buildings come as either unpainted or prepainted kits and have been designed to be fuss free, making them easy to build while still retain a high level of detail. Once the external parts have been fitted the walls can be glued for more stability, or simply slotted together. Our buildings are also designed with removable features, such as floors and roofs, allowing the gamer to battle both inside and outside each building.

As you can read Star Fort Miniatures sells a range of laser cut wooden wargame scenery. But it were the following 15mm Eastern European buildings that really caught my attention.

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