Monday, June 20, 2016

Osprey Games: New Frostgrave - The Frostgrave Folio Expansion Previewed

Osprey Games' will be releasing a new supplement for the popular fantasy skirmish game Frostgrave named The Frostgrave Folio in March next year. 

The following picture was published on Amazon but is confirmed to not be the final cover artwork for the book according to the writer Joseph McCullough. The artwork by Dmitry Burmak as shown on this cover will however be published in the Forgotten Pacts expansion which is coming in November this year. And will also feature the release of plastic and metal cold weather gear barbarians! You can check the preview miniatures here

Edit - looks like The Frostgrave Folio book won't be a new expansion book but a collection of the previously published online supplements (Hunt for the Golem, Sellsword, Dark Alchemy and Arcane Locations) along with new content.

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