Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Khurasan Miniatures: Mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex Previewed

Khurasan Miniatures: 28mm Tyrannosaurus rex -- upcoming kit. Tyrannosaurs were part of the clade Coelurosauria which had feathers, and you'll see this model has been sculpted with vestigial feathers along the spine and display feathers on the tail and forelimbs. Very large mammals which live in hot climates have shed most of their fur and one assumes that very large Coelurosaurs would have mostly shed their insulation as well, hence this representation.

Tyrannosaurs lived in what became known as the Hell Creek formation, on tidal flood plains along the western edge of a great inland sea in North America. The western part of North America was a huge island we call Laramidia, and Tyrannosaurus rex lived all across this great island, having a really huge range, apparently larger than the ranges of earlier Tyrannosaurines.

This model was mostly based on Scott Hartman's reconstruction of "Sue's" skeleton (which was updated in 2012). It was going to be part of a WWII/Lost World pulp range with 28mm figures, but as that range is on hold indefinitely (only three figurines were sculpted for it before the sculptor had to get back to his massive Kickstarter-based range) I'll release it as a standalone kit.

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