Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Warlord Games: New Beyond The Gates of Antares Miniatures

Warlord Games: Following some of the work-in-progress sculpts and models shown at Salute earlier this year – we’ve heard a lot of eager speculation and murmurings throughout the community with regards to what might be being released over the coming days, weeks, months – and even years!

Well – when it comes to Beyond the Gates of Antares in particular, we thought we’d give a glimpse at a portion of our release schedule… Keep in mind that there are many variables involved in the progression of a project, so the release schedule is subject to change and shift…


  • The Battle for Xilos narrative supplement
  • Boromite Rock Riders
  • Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin
  • Boromite Micromite Probe Shard
  • Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Rebellion
  • Fartok’s Black Guard
  • Ghar Outcast Rebel Command
  • Ghar High Commander Karg
  • Xilos Snapper and Drummer
  • Xilos Gulper
  • Amano Harran, Freeborn Mercenary Captain
  • Freeborn Hound Probe Shard
  • General Tar Es Janar
  • Algoryn Medic Team
  • Algoryn Drop Capsule Assault Pack
  • Algoryn Drop Capsule Support Pack
  • Algoryn Compression Cannon
  • Commander Josen
  • Concord Drop Command Squad
  • Isorian Tsan Ra Phase Squad


Just a few snippets from July’s schedule, while we work-out the particulars…

  • Freeborn Striker Attack Skimmer
  • Boromite Hatchling Swarm
  • Algoryn Mag Mortar
  • C3T7 Transporter Drone

…and that’s just a taster! There are heaps of new releases coming – not just for Beyond the Gates of Antares, but across all of our ranges – so keep watching the Warlord Newsletter for specifics as-and-when we have them!

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