Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: More Modular Flexible Terrain Tiles Previewed

Manorhouse Workshop: A lot of you are asking us more details on the number and type of the 3D Bases yet not shown. 

In the beginning, we had planned to keep “secret” half of our bases, to be unveiled progressively during the Kickstarter. But it became clear to us that it would create some problems and issues for all of you. It would also create more work for us, to update and add every time a new base was revealed some more add-on packages, which could make obsolete the previous ones, forcing you to new choices every few days.

So we made a complete policy change: instead of revealing little by little the missing 3D Bases, we will unveil all of them now, during the next few days. Only the Stretch Goals will be kept hidden. Let’s start with 2 of those new bases: one is the Curved River, and the other is T-intersection Bocage. This last one has many uses and synergies, some to be revealed later on, but can be used as of now to change direction depending on how it’s positioned.

When all bases will be revealed, we will update the Kickstarter page to reflect those changes, and give you the complete and final “add-on packs” to choose from!

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