Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Menhir Games: Venture into the Fantasy World of Magrieb - New Miniatures Previewed

Menhir Games has been busy sculpting loads of new miniatures for their fantasy miniature range for their World of Magrieb setting!

These miniature were actually sculpted with plastic injection moulding in mind but will first be released in metal to build up funds for plastic production. Unlike the 28mm Fantasy Champions, this range will be made in 1/72 to allow a massive battle/troops miniatures line, while some models -popular/modular ones- will be made in the popular 1/58 - 28mm scale. But, 1/72 is where they will be focussing on!

  • X1 Light infantry pose (with exchangeable weapons)
  • X1 Light archer
  • X1 Medium infantry
  • X1 Medium infantry with 2 handed weapon
  • X1 Medium mounted unit (2 head options for the mount)

Except the archer, the rest have exchangeable heads and optional shield.


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