Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: Last Three Kickstarter Modular Terrain Tiles Previewed

Manorhouse Workshop: With this article we’re presenting the last 3 Bases which complete the 3D Bases project. The first 2 allow you to recreate an urban scenery. The third is a base that was requested strongly by all of you.

The modularity of the 2 urban bases will allow for infinite combinations. You can create roads, crossroads and neighbourhouds very easily and quickly. As for the last base, the Stone Slabs base, it will allow you to increase the playing area of the Abbey … but it can be used in a great other number of ways too. Also, the dimensions of every single stone slab is 25x25mm, so the potential of this base, for gaming purpose, rises even more.

We also did realize a short video to illustrate the compatibility of our bases (be it urban or not) with the fantastic models of Dwarven Forge. This video (and the pictures) thus allow us to answer another question we received often during those last weeks, with a “Yes, our 3D Bases are completely compatible with the DF models”.

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