Sunday, May 29, 2016

Brigade Games and Company B: 28mm 1939-41 Soviets for Nomonhan, Poland & Eastern Front Kickstarter

Brigade Games and Company B have lauched their Early War Soviet Army Kickstarter! These newly sculpted miniatures can be used for Nomonhan, Poland and the Eastern Front.

A complete range of 28mm 1939-41 Soviets for Poland, Eastern Front and Nomonhan, including Mongols and allied Japanese cavalry. We created these 28mm metal cast miniatures for wargamers. Our goal is to get this range into production and provide a complete set of 1939-41 Soviet and Mongol miniatures that can be used from Nomonhan fighting the Japanese, to Poland and the Eastern Front. Our last stretch goal is to get allied Japanese cavalry into production. 

The final master figures are all on integral bases as will all production miniatures. All miniatures are sculpted by Mike Broadbent. All miniatures are supplied unpainted. We have taken a unique approach in presenting the levels. In order to allow each backer to get in at the level they want to support right from the beginning, we are presenting all levels, free figures and add-ons from the start. 

Normally, we would release the range a few packs at a time and get them to break even before the next release. By raising the funds in this KS we can release the entire Soviet Platoon at once. If we make additional goals, we can progress through the rest of the range as well. Once the campaign is over and sold at retail, all figures will retail at between 10-20% higher than the Kickstarter prices. Additionally, you will be able to add the applicable Japanese items from our current Pacific War range at a discount to provide both sides of the Nomonhan conflict.

You can grab these unique miniatures and vehicles for an often forgotten part of World War Two now through the ongoing Kickstarter here

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