Sunday, May 29, 2016

Barrage Miniatures: Flexible Cobblestone and Dirt Roads Reviewed!

Barrage Miniatures has released their new flexible wargame roads, streets and sidewalks allowing you to easily create believable tabletop battlefields. Today we will take a look at some of these roads to give you an idea of their quality and versatility.

For this review I received some samples of the Barrage Miniatures modular and flexible roads which include the cobblestone roads in two scales and some dirt road pieces in one scale. The entire catalogue of roads is available in two scales, being 15 and 28mm as these are the most frequent scales used for miniature wargaming.

The roads are made in a flexible resin allowing you to easily drape these roads across hills and other terrain features. Another advantage is that these can be stored easily and can't be easily damaged due to their flexibility and the sturdy resin material which takes rough handling very well. Looking at the received samples, the cobblestone roads come in grey resins while the dirt roads are cast in a brownish resin. Not sure but can only think they adjust resin color to match the final colors and allow for a better base color for the final paintjobs.

The paintjob on the scenery pieces is good tabletop quality and is also cohesive on all the pieces received. The cohesive look will allow you to buy more pieces later on and these will still match your existing road collection without looking out of place as part of a different batch. After some testing with flexing the road pieces, I could not see any cracks in the paintjob so the paintjob adheres to the roads quite well and should survive countless sessions of brutal miniature tabletop warfare with no problems. Note that the 15mm cobbestone road sections showed some airbubbles due to the used casting method and small cobblestone details.

Although these high-quality pieces are each individually casted and painted using quality hobby paints, they are still available at an affordable and honest price. These pieces sell at around €3,00 and €5,00 per piece depending on scale and size of the road.


If you are looking for modular flexible roads for your tabletop battlefield, I would certainly recommend you to take a look at the range currently offered by Barrage Miniatures. These wargame roads are offered in several scales and are each hand casted and painted to bring you quality at very affordable prices. If you're looking for other high-quality terrain, make sure to also take a look at their resin wargame boats, vehicles and buildings in their webstore.

Disclaimer - We received these samples for free from Barrage Miniatures for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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Juan Mancheño said...

These are great products! I need some of those roads.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Wouldn't hesitate and grab these Juan!

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