Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wargames Factory: Zombie Vixens

This time we will take a look at the latest release from Wargames Factory, the zombie vixens! This box was initially clouded in much mystery as they weren't officially announced when the rumours were spread online but in the end they were released for the broad public at the large GenCon convention in the US. These female zombie miniatures are extremely useful for the zombie wargamers as there are already many male zombie miniatures around but these are the first female plastic zombies that can be found on the market so they certainly fill a significant gap. Enough talking up to the content of the boxed set.

The box

As always the miniatures came in a sturdy cartonboard box excellently packaged to withstand the rough crossing of the Atlantic. The actual boxed set is as their older boxed sets decorated with some rather mediocre artwork what is still a big disadvantage of this otherwise great product. As an end consumer, I'm aware of the importance of a nice packaging as potential buyers will not be attracted by the fine artwork as can be found on the Perry Miniatures and Warlord Games plastic boxed sets. But nevertheless the box is inferior to the content so lets' take a look!

The Zombie Vixen boxed set contains three identical zombie sprues allowing you to assemble 30 multi-part miniatures and an additionnal 6 crawlers which are a nice touch. As mentionned previously this boxed set only contains female zombies all dressed in tattered clothes ranging from casual wear to rather specific clothing as gala dresses and beach wear. Each of these single sprues are also packed with lots of arms, heads and random items such as shopping bags, suit cases and many other. The detail of the miniatures is the best of all their released boxed sets and is still improving with every new release. This said the detail is still a bit soft especially on the heads and some parts of the clothing but as always nothing that can be solved with a lick of paint. Each of the zombie sprues also comes with 10 plastic bases but without any way to attach them such as slotta's or plastic pins so you will need to secure them well with some plastic glue and even then they won't stand up a lot of abuse.


The assembly of these miniatures is quite straight forward as the parts are easy to be cut of their sprues and to be glued on each other. The only minors issues of this boxed set are the somewhat fragile arms and accessoires and as previously stated the lack of plastic pins on the miniatures feet to attach the base. But when assembled they look great for a zombie horde, take a look at the picture were I have assembled three of my favorite bodies.

Scale comparison

As always will the miniatures fit in the existing zombie horde or match your survivors? well, they will certainly fit as I have included some scale comparison pictures of some of the largest producers miniatures among side the new zombie vixen miniatures. In the first picture we start from left to right: Defiance Games Marine, wargames Factory Zombie Vixen, The Assault Group Bomber and as last a Foundry Street Violence Juno Crewmember. In the second pictures you can see from left to right: Kallistra Gangster, Wargames Factory Zombie Vixen, Games Workshop Catachan and as last a Grenadier Future Rebel.


To conclude a good overall boxed set ideal to start or expand your zombie collection at a low cost. As stated the boxed set contains only minor issues with some fragile parts and the lack of a way to securely attach the bases but nothing that can't be solved by either patience or ingeniuty. I would have prefered a mixed box with both female and male zombies but I can't complain as the number of different poses is signifcantly increased by the choice of only one sex. These miniatures currently retail at $19.95 from Wargames Factory or at £14.85 at Wayland Games. Thanks for your interest and if you have more question, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Michael Awdry said...

Liked these, mine have safely arrived and I have to agree about the fragile nature of some of the components, but should still be a varied addition to any horde.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Hi, thanks for leaving a comment. I'm looking forward to see them painted by you. I'm also eager to see more burmese on your workbench as they are stunning!