Thursday, May 21, 2020

Alternative Armies: Resin Closed Wedge Tents Reviewed!

Today we will take a closer look at the recently released Closed Wedge Tents made by Alternative Armies in Scotland. These brand new tents are part of a growing range of useful resin scenery pieces such as crates, barrels, barricades and much more which can all be found here in the Alternative Armies webstore along with loads of other cool classic miniatures and wargame rules.

Closed Wedge Tents

The new Closed Wedge Tents are part of the 28mm Scenic Range which covers all sorts of interesting scenery and are sold in packs of two identical tents cast in durable resin. These tents are sold for £5.00 the pair which is certainly a fair price considering the quality and size of these pieces. The resin casting quality of these solid scenery pieces is excellent and the sculpting detail will make the painting really easy as you can see in the picture by Alternative Armies above.

Although listed in the 28mm Scenic Range, these tents are large 28mm as they are designed for their popular fantasy Flintloque and Slaughterloo miniature wargames in which the miniatures are larger and more bulkier than normal historical wargame miniatures. To show the scale of these tents I have included the following scale comparison pictures showing the tents along with a 28mm plastic Gripping Beast Dark Age Warrior and larger metal Alternative Armies Flintloque Orc Sailor so you decide for yourself if these would fit for your own wargames and miniatures. You can find even more comparison pictures in the Alternative Armies webstore here

The Conclusion

To conclude this short review, I can heartily recommend these fine miniature tents for everybody who is looking to add some more scenery to their tabletop miniature wargames. The quality of these tents is very good and the price very affordable considering the size of these pieces. These versatile tents along with a nice campfire will make a great focal point for your tabletop miniature wargames and roleplaying adventures in either fantasy, historical or even science fiction settings. Even better is that Alternative Armies offers monthly freebies in each order making ordering these even more tempting! Check the Alternative Armies webstore now here

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